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      Hi to everyone, Iam a new eventide user and iam trying to configurate my system. Iam using a Korg Kronos as a soundcard connected to Pro tools 9 in Mac.

      I have connected the monitors to the Korg and everything is working right. Now that i added the Eventide, iam searching the best way to use both at the same time, if possible. Both have the firewire connector but it seems they cant work at the same time. Does any one of you have the same equiptment and can help me?.

      What I would like is to keep the Kronos as the main soundcard and then being able to send sounds to the eventide from the Libraries in Pro tools of the kronos presets and then record it in Pro tools.

      Also if I try other way, usinfg the eventide as soundcard and the monitors connected to it…I get a white noise in the monitors wich should not be there.

      Any help would be aprecciated.

      Thanks so much.

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      Eventide Staff

      Not sure what you mean by "Both have the firewire connector". The Kronos is a synth – does it have FireWire as well ?

      You should be able to use the H8000 as a "soundcard". Have you followed the instructions under "Configuring the H8000FW for Macintosh Output" ?

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