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      I have read about these coming loose in the older models where they are not soldered to the board. How big/frequent of an issue is this? Was there a specific batch (serial number range) where this was happening?

      Reason being, I have found an H8000FW which looks to be in very good condition with serial number FW-00689. This a believe has the older socket mounted chip. I really want to buy this as it has been a piece i have being dreaming of since it was released… everything seems to working fine currently. I am just afraid to spend a good amount of money on something that might start to present problems sooner than later.

      If it is not so difficult to fix the chip to the board ie. can be done by any qualified electronics technician, then that would make me feel easier.  As I am not in USA and there is no official Eventide support here.

      I currently have a DSP4000B+ which has performed flawlessly for over 10 years. Im not sure if it has the same socket chip?

      Would you still purchase an older H8000FW in good condition?

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      I would still buy one, they are great. It’s not the chip. It’s the pcb. I called Foley electronics about it. Don’t worry about serial numbers. I just bought one for $2800 and love it.

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