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      I've had a good helping hand for connecting en setting up the H8000 in my system (the good old analog way).

      But I want to save the things which where made on in setup menu.

      You can find info in the manual about storing presets/programs. But not specific how to save settings in other sort of menu's, such as; setup or routings and so on…

      How can I save this type of settings and where? Which page in the manual can I find specific info about this subject?


      Best regards,


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      Hi J-

      here's the info in the User Manual V5.3:

      -Storing and Loading Setups > page 139 and on/ page 15/ page 25

      -Routing Storage > page 15

      -Usergroups > page 15 and 45

      Setups and Routings live under successive "press and hold" of the SETUP key.

      all the best


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