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      Guys, after sending my H8000FW for fixing to you all the way in USA from UK at great expense a few months ago I have for the first time due to ill health attempted to use it in the studio .

      It now won't boot properly saying that in start up problems: 

      Expansion Board init: E1

      It will not receive anything from the analog inputs, the meters on the front do not register any input when there is clearly an analog input going into one of the analog inputs. Have tried them all.

      Just getting fed up with this as my H8000FW was broke on arrival from new (the battery was not charging) and now this.

      Please advise

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry that you are having trouble, and understand your frustration.

      But, this forum cannot help you (you need action, not advice) –  please contact support@eventide.com.

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