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      A big surprise this morning, after powering my fresh new Eventide H8000FW I've got this one:

      "Problems found during startup

      see SETUP/info for details

      press any key to continue" …

      Well, pressing any key load the actual preset, but the sound is horrible and when I click to the SETUP/info I've got this:

      1)Expansion board init: E3

      The unit is extremely slow (when I touch the buttons) and it's not detectable via the Fire Wire bus on my computer…

      What am I supposed to do?

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      Eventide Staff

      This means there is a problem with the FireWire hardware, which is why your computer does not see it.

      You should either go back to your dealer, or contact support@eventide.com. The unit will have to come to us to be fixed, or we could send a replacement board if you are out of the US. Apologies…

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      Thank you for your reply !

      I've wrote to support@eventide.com, because I'm living in France.

      I'll let you know.

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