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      I am wondering how to use a standard Boss FV expression pedal to control global wet/dry?  I am assuming I'll need a Y-cable going from the outputs of the pedal to either pedal 1 or pedal 2 in the back of the eclipse? 

      What procedure do I take in the setup menu to achieve this?  Much appreciation for all wisdom!

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      Hi Eugene

      yes, you'll need a Y cord (stereo 1/4" to 2 x mono 1/4") to connect the volume pedal to Eclipse. Pedal 1 is assigned by factory default to IN level (SEND) on many algorithms, so a better choice would be to go for Pedal 2 input on the rear panel.

      You first need to patch the Pedal to an External #. These are placeholders you will use for your remote control tasks.

      Press SETUP > EXTERNAL > SETUP again > EXT#5

      I advice to use EXT 5 or higher because the first ones have factory assignments that may be in conflict with what you want to do.

      Select Ext #5 SOURCE as : PEDAL 2

      To patch the pedal to system wet/dry mix:

      -press LEVELS

      -press & hold WET/DRY key

      -a wet/dry mod screen shows up. Press <MODULATE>

      -choose your EXT#5 and the pedal 2 will remote your wet/dry mix.

      Please refer to the User Manual on more details about Parameters Modulation via MIDI and hardware controllers.

      all the best


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