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      Howdy fellow Eventiders!  Smile

      I'm aware that my sequencer must match that of the Eventide in order for it to show a solid LED for the current Audio Conversion Rate.  In my case, my default is at 44.1 kHz (so is Logic).

      However, before I activate any programs, I always first run into this issue… I turn on my H8000FW and the 44.1 button is solid, but the "EXT" light is flashing.  My quick solution to this problem is turning off the Eventide and then turning back on.  Bingo!  No "EXT" flashing and it's set at 44.1.

      That brings me to 2 Questions:

      -Why is that happening in the first place?

      -Even though I can just switch it back off, then on again to solve the problem, is there a way to avoid having to do that?

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      Hello Andy

      I had similar problems with my H8000FW. What solved it for me once and for all, is reselecting the patches I was working with and switching to DSP B and back to DSP A. Try it, it might help.

      I think Eventide needs to look into this.

      Regards, Yannis

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