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       Hi Guys

      just found a little thing concerning outboard firewire hard drives with the H8000FW , when using it with an aggregate setting in logic 8 pro

      Seems the H8 doesnt like a third object present on firewire buses on Mac G5 when using H8000 combined with a firewire soundcard.

      Had probs with H8000 when i was running it with Motu 192HD/apogee big ben and logic 8, i couldnt get the H8's firewire section to work smoothly, however i found that by not having the outboard firewire hardrive on , the H8000 runs perfectly at all clock rates.

       Am sure you guys already know this, just thought it was an intersting point to make in case any other users have been experiencing the same probs

      best wishes


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      Hi Charlie

      FW buses work better with single devices connected to them.

      G5 FW never worked up to good specs….and unfortunately all plugs share the same bus. The most optimized way to use several FW devices at their best is to use separate plugs on separate buses, meaning that installing additional FW ports on PCI cards is the way to go.



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