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      I wish there was a way to modulate any parameter (or at least the ones which could be modulated without zippering) with LFO, random/noise, envelope follower and ADSR. Such function already exists in some of the H90 algorithms, but being able to assign a modulation to ANY parameter of a PROGRAM would bring the H90 to the next level.

      The exact feature has been implemented in the Eclipse, and it does make the device very powerful and allows to create more dynamic effects. I especially like the envelope follower and the ADSR, as not many effect units can do that! I wish there were a random LFO though. However, even in the Eclipse, modulation sources are somehow limited (only one of each type is allowed, no noise/random, a difficult to dial envelope follower and a clicky ADSR).

      So, I was imagining something similar but much more refined for the H90. Given its processor power and the new architecture, it should be possible to have multiple modulations running simultaneously without any limitations!

      Here are some examples of what I have in mind:

      • running two filters in parallel modulated by envelope followers with different sensitivity
      • controlling synth algorithms with ADSRs to get an even more synth-like sound
      • modulating digital delay times with an LFO — here, you’ve got your granular delay!
      • modulating pitch and amplitude with random LFOs and noise to get that Shallow Water / Generation Loss effect

      There, of course, could be much more advanced settings for the modulation, such as triggering ADSRs with a switch (or an external 5V-Gate signal), restarting the LFOs, stepping through sequencer steps or even modulating the modulators!

      Maybe something like this could extend the current HotKnob system? Three modulators would be just enough!

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      Is anyone else interested in a feature like this? I apologize if my original post came out as a complaint. I’m sure the H90 is great as it already is. Respect and kudos to the team! I really can’t wait to try it out. It’s just that while I’m still waiting for mine to arrive, I’m thinking about how I could use it and what I wish the unit could do in the future.

      So I would really like to hear your thoughts and ideas on this matter. Could you imagine using such “global” modulation for your sounds?

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      Eventide Staff

      No need to apologize. This is a great feature request and I’ve passed this along to the developers.

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      Keen interest here, as well.  My comments earlier:


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      Very interested as well!

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      Thanks for your replies! Glad to hear there’s interest in advanced modulation options.

      There are indeed very few devices which allow this kind of deep dive but none of them offers the quality of Eventide effects. So hopefully we could get both at some point. Looking forward to it!

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