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      Ed Driscoll

      Hi all,

      The H9000 still feels near bottomless to me in terms of what it can do. But as I go through the presets and tweak them in the Emote plugin, not surprisingly, I’m getting some great stuff. In a recent “Inside the Song” segment of Warren Huart’s “Produce Like a Pro” YouTube channel, he discussed recording Hole’s “Celebrity Skin” with producer Michael Beinhorn. At about 8:45 in the video, they discuss the filter sweeps that Beinhorn added to the power chord guitar riffs with a hardware resonant equalizer. Is that an effect that the H9000 can replicate, and if so, which algorithm or patch would get close to this?



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      John Baylies

      I posted a similar question recently

      today I learned that the ModFilter has a really nice lowpass filter that can sweep fast. I’ve been trying to map pitchbend and midi CC double to it to get that smooth 14-bit resolution but I’m not sure if I’m doing it right…

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      John Baylies

      That video you linked to is private, btw.

      I just got 1412 – Dual Modfilters working well. Had to set everything to 0 except Fmod, which I set to -12000. Anything higher leads to excessive high frequency buildup at higher Freqs. Then modulate the Freq from 12000 to 20000, which seems to actually be 0 to 20000 with Fmod set to -12000.

      I couldn’t get pitchbend or MIDI CC Double working (lots of lag / couldn’t get the Least Significant Bit to register…), and DAW automation stutters with fast square waves, but MIDI CC Single works well, aside from only having 128 steps.

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