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      Sonic Nomad

       Both FireWire 1&2 outs on the H8000 do not work. At best I get 2 to work but 1 is dead. 3 through 8 work fine. Anyone else experiencing this? 

      My system; Mac Pro OS X 10.5., Logic 8 & H8000 ver 5.3

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      I would suggest you try a CLEAR SETUP, given the fact you are reporting other problems; it may well help solving your problem. In case it doesn't, please verify the problem(s) is(are) still there and report all neede details like exact routing, sample rate used, etc.



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      Sonic Nomad

      Hi Italo,

      Thanks for the response. 

      Yes I have tried the clear setup routine.

       I have gotten it to work with the Routing app but only when the othe Digital Out are connected as well. 

      I'll try a bit more to see If I can zone in closer on the issue and get back to you.

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