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      Firstly, I must say I'm sorry for not having given the User Manual much time, but some of it I just couldn't find.

      I have an H8000FW hooked up to a MacPro. I've been hunting for the most comfortable setup. I haven't had much time with the H8000 though.

      My current setup has the H8000 hooked up via ADAT to a MOTU 8Pre. It's been running well and I've managed an alternate setup with the Analog Routing Option as well.

      Now, the FireWire bit confuses me. Say, I have the MOTU as my primary soundcard and the H8000 hooked up via Firewire. I select the 8 track Firewire AB option within the Routing menu. I simply can't put my head around how the Firewire inputs and outputs work. Within Logic/Ableton, how do I send tracks to the Eventide and back? There are no options on the inputs/outputs of the DAW listing Firewire inputs/outputs right?

      I simply want a FW setup, where I can send an audio signal to DSP A with say Reverb and have it processed in a Send/Return style.

      I really want to use the FireWire setup, but just don't understand how I can have Sends/Returns configured within a DAW. I've tried using the H8000 as the primary soundcard, but then all the sounds are affected by a selected preset.

      Also, with the ADAT setup, the Eventide shows the clock as slipping, but it doesn't seem to affect anything. My ADAT cables don't really lock into the ADAT ports on the back unfortunately. So, would the 'slipping' message lead to any errors which I'm not aware of? 

      Thanks, any help is appreciated. 

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      You have to download and install the H8000 Firewire Driver for mac in order to use the audio over FireWire capabilities with your MacPro.

      The H8000 routings allow you to send multiple channels of audio from the computer to theH8000 either processed or straight through.

      There's a routing utility for PC that makes configuring the routings easy. You can configure them from the front panel, in which case I recommend using the routing presets as starting points. The most commonly used routings are in presets accessible by pressing and holding the Program button.

      As for your clock slipping, I would suspect the cables not locking as a problem.

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      I do have the Mac drivers installed and I am currently running the 5.5 beta on Snow Leopard.

      But, what I don't understand is, say I have the unit hooked up only via Firewire and selected one of the Firewire routing options. Within Logic/Ableton, how do I send a signal to the unit and back? For example, if I have ADAT hooked up, Ch.9,10 etc are allotted to ADAT etc.

      Do I have to have the Eventide as my primary soundcard to route signals to/fro via Firewire?


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      If you need both ( in Logic )-  your Soundcard and the Eventide you have make/build an Aggregate device. It works….but you have to make i/O Labels in Logic otherwise you get more than confused especially if you work with the I/O Instruments and Aux/Bus routing.

      If you have one Adat free – use them – much easier and faster. H8000fw can´t realy route with both.( Adat & Firewire )

      anyway , my setup is to work and think in 4/four Stereo Aux – because with the Main-i/O routing and the DSP A and B i/O are no more possibilties to get them independent to and out Logic with independent Signal processing. I Think .

      In this case the quad 4/4 Programs are interested. Each DSP can load one of them – so you can have in logic four independent FAT Multi AUX ChannelStrips.

      And you can decrease the Buffer Size in logic – otherwise you need with both Interfaces – in my Setup RME and H8000fw – a minimum of 512 Buffer.

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      I have given the Aggregate device route a try, but decided that I only want to use the H8K as an FX processor.

      I even have the ADAT setting sorted out, but unless I buy new cables or cut these ones to fit, I'll have the 'slipping' error I guess.

      I might end up using the Analog or ADAT routing, but still trying to wrap my head around the FW implementations.

      With 8 Track Firewire AB selected, what exactly are the inputs and outputs? Firewire1 i/p's, how can I access that within Logic? This is with the Eventide only connected via Firewire to the Mac. Is sending/receiving audio Firewire possible (with MOTU as my primary soundcard)?

      Where did super genius Italo go? 😛 

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      just like to know, have you sourted it out yet?

      i like to use it as my only soundcard

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      Nope still lost with all the Firewire bit. : (

      Running it via ADAT/Analogs for now. Could use some help understanding how to route using only FireWire connected. It'll be better if I could get rid of all the analog/adat cables. 

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      I dream about the same cable-clean revolution when I think about firewire…

      It would be a wise and very useful use of this available connection on the h8000fw.

      I hope we will get a consistent reply on this argument.

      My best,


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