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      We hope that you have found creative uses for our TEC Award nominated plug-in, Fission. Unfortunately, we were notified that another software product had been named Fission and, in response to a formal request, we decided it best to rename our plug-in. Fission is now Physion.

      If you are a Fisison owner, we highly suggest you update, if only for consistency with online documentation, support, etc. Plus, you benefit from ongoing bug fixes and optimizations. To update to Physion, simply:

      1. Download and install Physion (

      2. Update the license name in iLok License Manager. To do so:

        1. Ensure your computer has internet access

        2. Launch iLok License Manager

        3. Go to Preferences > Licenses and select Remove Account Data Saved On Computer

        4. Relaunch iLok License Manager and sign in

      That's it! Physion will now replace Fission in all of your sessions, with 100% compatibility. Click here if you have any other questions. We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion that this causes you. The name change is simply that and only that. Physion IS Fission!


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