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      Hi all.

      Just purchased the eclipse to use live with 2 vocalist at the same time in dual mono mode. Same effects just separate channels to send to the FOH desk.

      The "FrontOfHouse" setting, preset #462 is PERFECT but…

      Channel 1 is the echo

      Channel 2 is the verb

      I'm really trying to sort out how to route the effects so both inputs can be treating with the pitch, echo and verb.

      Is it a small thing I can't find or it is not possible?

      Or maybe I need to make a new setting by stealing the fx from this, either way that kinda blows by brain too

      Thank you

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      I went through the manual and made a new patch stealing the pitch effect twice from the FrontOfHouse preset once for each side, then panned the effect for each.

      I unfortunately loose the verb/ echo of effect 2 in the FrontOfHouse preset but have the pitch working independently in dual mono.

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