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      I just got an Eclipse ver 3.1 and yesterday upgraded to 3.51. Today while checking out the presets the unit froze when I reached a preset around 300-something. There was nothing else to do other than cycle power and when the the unit came round it didn't go past "Loading Program" – and there it hangs after a power it on each time now. I tried upgrading to 3.51 once more and it installs perfectly but after powering on again we're back to freezing on "Loading Program". What to do?

      Best Peter

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      Hi Peter

      sorry for the troubles you are going thru. The current 4.0 release is a beta one and may have some problems. We have provided recommendations on its use/installation. You may consider to go back to the last public release, 3.51, and wait for the official 4.0 release.

      kind regards


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      Well, It was actually ver 3.51 that caused the problem!! Since then I've tried upgrading to 4.0b and this curred the problem.. so for now I'm okay 🙂

      Thanks Peter

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      Eventide Staff

      This is the problem described as fixed in the V4.0 release notes –

      units running V3.5 or V3.51 may occasionally hang during startup while
      displaying "LOADING OPERATING SYSTEM".

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