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      I want to create a master aux send fx chain for my synth setup and am wondering how to get a pure wet signal, with no dry coming through.

      Are the algorithms with a Kill Dry option the only algorithms I can do this with? Is there a list of all the algos where this is an option? When set to 100% wet, a lot of them still let the dry signal through.

      I haven’t attempted this yet and haven’t gone that deep into trying it out but thought I’d ask here (Maybe all algorithms have a Kill Dry option and I haven’t noticed? Apologies for the dumb question if so.)


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      I’m not sure if all algorithms have kill dry programmed in. Certainly some of my earlier ones don’t, but if you set them to 100% wet it should do the same thing.

      It’s possible that algorithms also have a wet/dry or a dry level within the main control section, so you may need to check the controls of specific algorithms for a second source of dry signal.


      When programming in vsig,  you don’t have access to the main wet/dry know in the header of the algorithm. This is hard wired to the inputs to the chain. Sometimes wet/dry makes more sense to be programmed in a different way (eg after a gain).

      I set things to 100% wet if I put the H9000 on an aux buss.

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      Eventide Staff

      The latest update (2.1.14) added kill dry to all algorithms, as well as an option for kill dry at the FX Chain level.

      Kill dry will work for the mix parameter at the header of the algorithm. As Puppeteer mentioned, certain algorithms may have additional wet/dry or dry level controls.


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      Amazing! Thank you for the responses. Updating firmware and looking forward 👍

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