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      Hi all,

      Forgive me but I've spent an hour searching posts and haven't found a workable solution yet or really seen others who have experienced the same problems I'm having.

      First when playing through my amp's FX loop even on the clean channel, any program with the fuzz or distortion preamp used has a loud hum sound that once I stop playing swells up then fades out. It sounds a bit like a slow noise gate, but I've never come across a noise gate that make the noise louder before squelching it.

      Second on the 4 note multi-shift program, I'm noticing the last of the 4 notes played keeps giving a high-pitched artifact. This is making that amazing algorithm impractical for me to take advantage of.

      My setup consists of:

      Guitar -> GCX Switcher -> various drive pedal (out of loop when problems are occurring) -> Mesa Mark IV (using FX loop) -> GCX (split) -> G-force & Eclipse (separate sends) -> Behringer mini mixer (both returning in stereo then mixed to mono) -> Mark IV power section. Whew!

      My Eclipse is running the latest software version.

      Thanks for any help in the matter!


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      Hi Jason

      the fuzz algorithms basically are about "nasty". So you may need to adjust them to your needs. They use a gate to keep things quiet when not playing. These are cyber_tones, rather than analog replicas.

      The problem you are having w/the 4 voice shifter may depend on one or more of the following:

      -incorrect input level to Eclipse

      -incorrect wiring/I/O socket choice

      -feeding the pitch shifter a signal already effected. Shifters need a steady pitch to give best results.

      -feeding pitch shifter chords. Work with single notes!

      all the best


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