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      I am using an Eclipse in my rack for guitar.  I love the device but I seem to have a problem re: loss of level vs bypassed signal on many presets.  IE:  If I’m playing with the Eclipse bypassed and getting 0 dB out, if I engage the preset (bypass off), I am now at -2 to -4 dB.  Although this doesn’t occur on every preset, it occurs on many and, for now, is making the Eclipse very hard to use.   I am famillliar with this phenomena on other EFX devces, particularly with Choruses and similar EFX.  But, all of those (including my 2 H9s) have makeup gain in each preset so I can level things out.  There appears to be no way to do this on the Eclipse, at least by preset.  The global gains can be adjusted but they affect the bypassed state as well.  You can cut the output level of an effect, but not of the preset as a whole. 

      I must be missing something.  If there is no way to match output levels on a “per-preset” basis, then you have dramatically different bypassed and non-bypassed output levels depending on what preset you are using, it’s wet level…  Making matters worse, the “wetter” the effect gets, the more pronounced the volume drop.  So, since I typically have an exp pedal attached to the send levels for EFX, as I increase the wet mix, my volume drops even more.

      Again, I’m assuming I have totally missed somethig here.  Can anybody enlighten me as to how to match bypassed and non-bypassed output levels on a “per-preset” basis?


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      I'm not an Eclipse expert, but as far as I can see, FXA LVL and FXB LVL (UM p.39) are saved with the preset. These should suit your purpose.


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      one trick you can do…instead of bypassing the unit, create a blank preset with the overall gain set to -3db and then select that preset when you want no effects. you can use midi mapping if you need to

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