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      Greetings Italo!
      I'm running a 3.02 DSP7000 inputing from a 48k s/pdif connection Yamaha preamp using 20bit and 20bit+3 floating AD/ DA convertors to Carvin stereo power amp using unbalanced to balanced cable, but it's only microphone cable. I rarely ever got the led meters to the ideal level so I turned up the gaintrim and got them up where they should be while keeping the other levels at 0db except the output which I had to lower to stop me going deaf. Everything was working well for a few days and then I fired up the system once more and noticed the gaintrim had become non functional. Everything is still working well enough regardless.

      The only other factor is the presets that use distortion or gain need a certain amount of preamp master volume and the guitar tone controll on full to get a signal through and then
      the notes don't sustain very long on some presets. The notes have to be plucked hard as well to get the signal through. This has not been an issue on the non gain presets. I have been fiddling with the midi configuration recently but have made sure all the settings are set on high so I do'nt know if this has any potential relevence. Maybe I've destroyed the gaintrim?


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      Hello Tim

      when using analog input the front panel LEDs show the Eventide input headroom. This is about +26 dB (HUGE) so you don't really need to lit them up close to the top. 4 or 5 LEDs are ok.

      When using digital input the LEDs work in a more traditional way, indicating 0dB headroom at the top LED.

      Some presets (distortion/gain fx) also use a GATE. You may need to adjust the gate parameters to fit to input dynamics to correctly use these presets.

      I have never seen gaintrims being not functional. Try a CLEAR SETUP:power on the unit, when you see DSP7000 on the display press & hold the SETUP key. Then press the YES key on prompt. this will reinitialize the settings under SETUP and LEVELs to factory default. This doesn't erase your presets …but having a backup is always a smart measure.

      Let me know if it worked!


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      Hi Italo!

      I did the CLEAR SETUP, but still no gaintrim response. Will it actually add gain to a digital input or only to analogue? I'm quite sure it was working when using my s/pdif connection which I've used 98% of the time. So then I turned up my preamp master volume up to about 6 which I normaly only run on 2 and then turned the Eventides analogue out down to about -17db so it was'nt too loud. I used this method to bring the LEDs up about 5 notches. I can hear more detail and substance in the sound now.
      Is this the best way to use the Eventide and did you mean the uppermost LED lights up as 0db when using a digital input? Maybe I can get away with not using a gaintrim. Thank you,


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       Hi Tim

      Gaintrims only work with *analog* signals!

      Yes the top LED indicates the 0 dB in digital connections.  You should avoid to light it up.

      all the best

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