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      I noticed under the Pedals & Footswitches section of the Eclipse Knowledgebase, is a page called "General Notes and Advice on MIDI Pedalboards" that notes problems with using the G System's pedalboard to change patches on the Eclipse – followed by a recommendation to NOT use the G system for this purpose.

      Now the G System pedalboard's MIDI implementation is rather primitive compared with a Rocktron All Access or a Voodoo Labs Ground Control, or even the Behringer FCB.  On the G System,  for each selection of a user preset, it will send only a single program change message – but as long as you use the MIDI Mapping features of both units and use strictly the user presets on both, this can be made to work rather easily.

      On the G System's MIDI page, I have Program Change In set to OFF – and Program Change Out set to ON MAP with the default MIDI map.  On the Eclipse I have Setup->Maps->Midi Map 1 set to 1 and this MIDI map is set so that:

      Pchg 0 = Prst 1

      Pchg 1 = Prst 2

      Pchg 2 = Prst 3

      etc etc

      This is because when you press User Preset 00-1 on the G it outputs MIDI program change #0 – which the Eclipse will translate to User Preset 1.  Given that the G system has 5 presets per user bank, it all ends up looking like this:

      G user preset 00-1 = MIDI PC#0 = Eclipse user preset 1

      G user preset 00-2 = MIDI PC#1 = Eclipse user preset 2

      …etc….until you need the next bank (1)

      G user preset 01-1 = MIDI PC#5 = Eclipse user preset 6

      G user preset 01-2 = MIDI PC#6 = Eclipse user preset 7

      …etc…until you need the next bank (2)

      G user preset 02-1 = MIDI PC#10 = Eclipse user preset 11

      G user preset 02-2 = MIDI PC#11 = Eclipse user preset 12


      Incidentally, I also have in the rack a Mesa Triaxis that has this apparent 0/1 offset hardwired – because when I select User Preset 00-1 on the G System I get Program 1 on the Triaxis.  Nice!

      There is another issue between the Eclipse and the G System that relates to tempo.  Both units have a Tap Tempo function, but they are implemented differently.  On the Eclipse the Tap button outputs CC#19 momentary, while on the G System the Tap button outputs CC#19 latching – so that if you try to set the tempo of the Eclipse from the G System, the Eclipse BPMs will be half of the G's BPMs.

      What the G System needs is an option to output CC#19 in EITHER momentary OR latching – does not exist.

      What the Eclipse needs is a (TRIGMODE) parameter for all the general use externals – not just the "dedicated" externals – does not exist.

      What works – annoyingly but successfully – is to program one of the G System's footswitches (I use #12) to send out CC#19 momentary to an Eclipse external (I use #16) set to receive CC#19 (general 4), and use that as the Tempo source.  I then enable the Eclipse's MIDI Clock out and send it back to the G System's MIDI-In and this gives the same BPMs to both units with one footswitch.

      Not straighforward – but if you MUST use both a G System and an Eclipse in the same rack, I have found these workarounds to work reliably.  It really helps to have both backed up in case of firmware upgrade vagaries, as trying to re-create this from memory is (was…) not easy.

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      excellent.. I use my eclipse with a g-system too, just like you're explaining, and it's not bad at all

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