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      DAFX By Udo Z?lzer, Xavier Amatriain, Daniel Arfib, Jordi Bonada, Giovanni De Poli, Pierre Dutilleux, Gianpaolo
      * Digital Audio Effects (DAFX) covers the use of digital signal processing and its applications to sounds * Discusses digital audio effects from both an introductory level, for musicians, and an advanced level, for signal…"

      Unfortunately this isn't available as a bit torrent and the mail system has completely collapsed here. But from what I've been reading from it in Google Books, it covers my latest obsession – nonlinear analog devices – well enough.

      I'm getting sick and tired of spending kilo-bucks for: Tube, Zener Diode, FET Transistor, and what I don't have yet – Germanium Transistor sound. Chandler has come out of the closet and called a spade a spade on their boxes – THD. That is like shucking over a century's worth of technological development.

      Harmonizers don't have the modules needed to duplicate the basic DSP approach used in "DAFx" and in the relevant eponymous conference papers. However it has to be possible to tweak a good sounding quad enhancer/expensive mic pre simulator using swept: filter, compressor, and etc. modules. Of course one could roll their own Harmonizer modules by acquiring a Motorola DSP Systems Development Kit and really screwing things up when you go to load them…

      HiFi purists and people who are just generally sane are appalled by the idea of using mismatched speakers. However IMHO linear audio sucks compared to some alternatives. I acquired an ultrasonic speaker out of curiosity. When combined with a stereo system the effect is a very intriguing surround sound, but by itself it sounds really terrible. What is happening is that ultrasound has to be extremely compressed to work. Consequently with this mongrel system fade ins and outs actually move back and forth along with a continuous high end ambience that is strangely compelling.

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