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      Hi all,

      I’ve just released the Pitchy Granulator MIDI algorithm, which brings granular synthesis to the H9000 for the first time.

      This algorithm takes grains from real time audio input and uses the MIDI note, to replay the grains at the selected pitch. The algorithm features a freeze function, grain window manipulation and can independently repitch the left and right signals.

      It comes with 9 Presets.

      You can see a demo at:

      The algorithm, manual and presets are included the package available from

      This algorithm is available for free to my BuyMeACoffee subscribers.

      Please be sure to read the manual, as this is quite a complex little beasty.

      The block diagram with available controls is below.


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      Amazing! I have so little time at the moment to work on my sounds (at least I gig a lot). I don’t think I’ve even opened Vsig in 2024…

      I’m going to have a deep-dive in the H9000 very soon.

      Keep up the good job, Puppeter!

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