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      Dear Developerteam 🙂

      I am standing here now and (again) need the granulareffect (with the option of loop/delay/feedback)

      Its not in H9000, and now i need to use a sh*** vst(i)…

      Can we get an answer of, IS there an estimate date on a REAL granular algorithme, or are you not even thinking about it for the H9000 ?

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      Why doesnt anynody in the staff answer when we ask about granular, a search on the word granular we can all see others have asked for it too

      can we get at least an answer, is it no-go or what

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        Eventide Staff

        Sorry for not getting back to you when you first posted this.

        There is a a wide variety of what users consider “granular”, and we have been listening to the feedback that has been provided.

        Are there any specific granular products/sounds that have features you’d be looking for in something on the H9000?

        I can’t provide any timeline but we know that some granular style effects would be a great on the H9000 and we are exploring the idea.

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      I’m not staff, but I will have 1 granulator algorithm out soon, and will develop more in the future.

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      Thank you for answering – i DO know you are busy 🙂


      In short I was looking for granular with/without delay with/without feedback:

      Grain size – the size of each individual grain.
      Number of grains – the number of microsampled layers.
      Sample boundaries – the segment of the sample you wish to use.
      Playback direction – whether the microsamples play forwards or in reverse

      and maybe sample-import of some sort, trigger the granular in the sample…if possible 🙂

      maybe others can explain it better than me.

      im not int. that H9000 is a granularsynth, i only out for the effects of the granular type

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      Just adding to this, the Q-Bit Nebulae is a great jumping off point for the sorts of features that would be a DREAM in a granular algo. Especially since you can make the “grains” large enough to trigger and create beat repeat effects. It’s just a shame that you have to record into the buffer. Would be nice if we could get a 16 sec Delay thing happening as an option where its just always recording into a buffer. But I dont know whats possible.

      just brainstorming. With all the amazing delays and loopers in this system seems like its just finding different ways to manipulate the delays and loops once they’re in the buffer..

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      The problem isn’t recording continuously, but making something useful from the sample data, and in the case of the H9000, having the programming tools to do so. Also you need to have data in the buffer before you can do anything.

      Playing the same grain of a sample that is always changing will generally result in a mess, except if you can align the sample buffer with the tempo and beat of the underlying audio.

      If this sync is out by even a little bit then again, it’s not going to sound good. And to do it smoothly you will need 2 synced buffers that you can crossfade between, similar to how Eventide acheives pitchshifting.

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      The vst(i)s i use, i disable sync and tempo – it sounds much better, so that option plz.

      There are many granular software out there, but many of them also have a terible layout gui

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