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      I have 2 GTR4000's…. (I know… I know… they're not the latest…. lol!! But they sound great to me!! I have an odd issue with the levels. One of them is WAY lower than the other. It only maks it to the first light on the input meter. If I increase the gain on the Analog input to max (10db) it get closer to the other one, which is set at the ideal 0db. Flipping the inputs does not change this leading me to believe it's something inside the unit. Are there adjustable "jumpers" or anything on the inside of the unit. Nothing in the manual to indicate this…. so I'm perplexed. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

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      Eventide Staff

      There are no internal gain settings. Are you actually using the same actual cables and settings with each unit ? If so it would suggest a hardware fault, but cables and settings are more likely culprits.

      You might want to try returning the low one to factory defaults.

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      Im actaully having a similiar issue, but on top of that im not seeing both meters when effects input are set to mono,

      I only see the left !!

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