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      Hello there, 

      Having what I hope a minor/easily correctable issue getting the right levels in and out of my GTR4000 (recently got) Ordered what I think to be correct cables. pin 2-H and going to a 1/4 to effects loop in amp. Amp tone quite low as well and tone very very colored, not at all what I know this unit to sound like.  Thoughts?

      also, do these new pcmcia type 1 card adapters work? If so are there any special requirements?

      Sorry but no manual. Thanks in advance!

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      Hi cmp

      you should get sure about what type of signal level is handled by your amp fx loop, if +4dB line level or -10/-20dB instrument level.

      All info is available in technotes here:

      click on Harmonizers > Connections and Wiring

      all the best


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