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      So I'm using a preamp/compressor combo (FMR RNC-RNC) going into the Eclipse then Eclipse via S/Pdif into my computer interface.

      So basically using the Eclipse for A/D conversion. I beefed up the signal some using the 160 4 detuners.

      I'm trying different settings where I have the 4 voices spread a little off center very slight delay and slight pitch variation. Working pretty good.

      Just wondering if anyone has ideas I can try for a guitar preamp alteration.


      Inside the computer I use UAD LA3A – TimeCube then to the GTR modeler.

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      "Guita Preamp Alteration"

      …exactly meaning…..?


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      So basically I always record dry, well I use hardware compression.

      But since I'm going through the eclipse I wanted to see if anyone uses Eventide equipment in this role if they use any processing that is still basically dry but just improves the signal some.

      Subtle improvement or enhancement…

Viewing 2 reply threads
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