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      ix studio


        i turned on my h8000fw today after not using ita  few weeks and i get

      error messages

      config jumpers ln102 . ln103 invalid

      check u106

      and a very weird and unusable h8000.

      Is it worth me trying to update to 5.5 ? or can you guys let me know what these erorrs mean and if i need to just bypass trying stuff and send it for repair ?

      i am in the uk.

      thanks for any advice.

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      Eventide Staff

      The check U106 message may be a clue. If you are technical, you could open the unit (power off) and wiggle any socketed parts (especially U106 – square chip in center of main board).

      If you are not, or don't feel you should have to do this, you should take it to your local service centre – in the UK that would be HHB.

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      ix studio

      Cheers nick , i lifted off the lid and checked all the leads and just gave them a little pressure and itss now powering on fine so i guess this was the issue ,  its been sat in the same position for 5 years so i ama  bit baffled as to what changed , i couldnt find any lose connectors so its really a subtle connection issue but  its cool right now so many thanks


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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry you had a problem, but glad it's now fixed. We've had a few problems with the socket for U106 – current production has the part soldered to the board.

      Also, if you're so inclined, check that all the motherboard mounting screws are present and tight – if they are loose or missing the board can flex if the unit is moved, which can distort the socket.

      Hardware is much harder than software …

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      I've had the same issues and fixed it in the same manner Smile

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