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      Hi, I recently bought an old H8000 and have already an eclipse in my rack.

      I ve tried to control with the 8 instant access button the bypass effect of the eclipse, the bypass of the H8000 and the assign ctrl  for the virtual racks on/off effects.

      My quest is to take advantage of the LED upon each instant access of the GC pro in normal mode .

      With the eclipse I finally find the FXA and  FXB Bypass with the useful Trigmode and Sense; so it works perfectly , I can see on my pedalboard if FX A/B are bypassed and work on one click On/Off     Thats really perfect and useful!!!! GG

      But for the H8000, it seems to have no option like Trigmode and Sense for bypassing and Assigns

      I must use momentary switch to have a systematic effect but I can t see it on my pedalboard and must look at the rack unit to know what is on or off with virtual rack interface and Bypass LED; not really easy way …

      I ve seen on forum there is a pb in CC value with the GC Pro to produce on/off fonction ,and that s why you ve made Trigmode and Sense for the Eclipse.

      I understand that but I m really disappointed that is not the case for the H8000 series with the price and power like 3x Eclipse !!!!

       U already have found the solution ! please do it to other products and functions ( assigns 1…8 and/or trig 1 2)

      I think I ve an issue for  bypassing process , control dry/wet 0 to 100 on DSP A and B with 2 instant control switch  to "bypass" at each click and see on the pedalboard if the FX is ON or OFF

      But to take advantage of Virtual racks and see what is ON and OFF I don t have any clue.

      Is it possible with further update to have trigmode and sense in options with all the assign???

      There will be awesome, if not If you have some idea to solve my pb I will appreciate

      I dont have update my H8000 at the moment still 4.011, I ve bought 1 Gb CF and adaptator both Sandisk ,can t waiting to have it and I hope I will upgrade H8000 , but I really doubt it fixes this problem

      Thanks! sorry for bad english ,

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