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      Which of these is best for guitar applications? Why? I have the h3000, planning to sell it to get a GTR, should I?

      Thanks !!


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      sonically speaking all Eventide are great units.

      Processing power wise….you should consider a newer Eventide over both the 3000 & 4000.

      You'll get:

      -more FX at the same time

      -more processing power, with broader variety of fx

      -cheaper and more reliable external storage media (Compact Flash Cards)

      -long delay times!

      -better audio converters in the 24bit/96KHz range

      -future development (we no longer support the 3000 series)

      Just for an insight,take a look at the H7600 MIDI Virtual Racks presets library! Check the Presets Manuals, in its very last pages, for an accurate description of what you get JUST from these presets!


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       Thanks Italo,

      Actually I've already decided to buy an Eclipse. What I want is a secondary processor in my parallel-FX rack. So could you tell me more about my initial question? 😉

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      Is the question about which (3000 or 4000) of them to use as a seconday unit in your rack?

      That really depends on what kind of FX you want from the unit and how your FX are managed between the 2 units in the rack. Without knowing more details I would go for the 4000, as there are more goodies in there, much better verb….


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      from the info I could grab here and there on forums, it sounds like you must expect not to find in any new equipment (Eclipse and others) the sonic characteristics of the H3000/4000 which made them so special. It maybe be pretty close, this I don't know. But I heard a lot of guys saying that even with a H8000 you can't get an accurate replica (but you get a bunch of other great stuff).

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       I tend towards the GTR myself, because I need a processor with guitar presets…on the other hand, the H3000 has far more Steve Vai presets, which are really nice…Will I lose a lot if I sell my H3000 for a GTR? My FX are run in parallel to a mixer, so lag times aren't that important to me.

      Much better reverb? that's the kind of details I'm asking about the GTR 🙂 Got any more? any GTR users want to comment?

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      Technology evolves and changes in time. Older units had a very colored sound, while newer ones are more linear in their character. It's a matter of taste. I prefer newer sounding devices because better filters and reverbs are possible and color can be added (Vsig) if you know what you are doing.

      Also, the platform openess is something that has immense value. I just can't think of using anything else where I'm not allowed to change the fx structure.

      The 4000 sounds more similar to the 8000 than the 3000.

      I think every Eventide is special, anyway.

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       I sold my H3000D/SE after 9 months…because the DSP4000 came out.

      I learned a lot on the 3000, particularly from the 2 ModFactory algorithms…which lead to Vsig concept by nature.

      Lose? Depends on what you use more in the 3000.

      The GTR has better verbs and filters, allows more FX to be strung in series, parallel or mix of it, if you learn how to use Vsigfile. It also offers a broader array of fx. The definitive 4000 series machine remains the mighty DSP4500, with its sampling board and extended delay times…and all the presets in the series.


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