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      Hi. Have read the manual, looked at FAQ. Contacted Eventide but they did not have an answer and suggested posting here.

      Re. H3000. Trying to understand some of the operating protocols.

      Stereo/Mono operation : for this to run as a mono in / stereo out unit should he be running a duplicate/mult of the mono input to achieve stereo output?

      If feeding a true stereo input signal – from a stereo aux out bus including panning information – does that affect the stereo end result from the H3000. Are original panning positions retained or does it screw up things and you potentially end up with more of a mono end result?

      I note the unusual pin out. If interfacing with regular ground/hot/cold wired equipment is it best to have a hot/cold/ground wired XLR at each of the H3000 connections but switch the wiring to ground/hot/cold at the inputs of the mixing desk? 

      Thank you

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