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      Having upgraded my guitar rig from a H3000 to an Eclipse about a year ago (and being very happy with the new harmonizer indeed) I am having trouble replication some of the effects I had in my old H3000 on the Eclipse.

      The one I would really love to have back was the classic REAL CHORUS which I think was preset number 528 on the old H3000??? One of the best chorus sounds on a clean guitar i have ever heard.

      I have tried the selection of chorus effects on the Eclipse, but just can't nail the old REAL CHORUS sound. I have looked at the old preset to try to work out what is actually going on, but have had little sucess.

      Any idea how to replicate this effect on the Eclipse, if at all possible?

      Otherwise, totally over the moon with the Eclipse and it's endless possible effect combinations, and also the choice of connections and/or control of parameters in real time with midi and expression pedal…. guitarist heaven :o)



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