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      Hey guys,


      just purchase what looks to be a good h3000 unit (black and yellow model) on ebay. Seller said came froma studio in good working condition.


      Now… here are where my questions lie.


      #1… Ive been messing around with the cabling….. i hooked it up to a Allen&Heath Zed22fx mixer.

      This is how i connected it

      Aux 1, Aux 2 mixer —> H3000 In 1, In 2

      H3000 Out 1, Out2 —> Stereo Channel (L & R)  in mixer

      Im pretty sure my wiring is properly connected (new wires btw…. XLR to 1/4 jack)


      I did the test by turning down the SYNTH channels (L+R) on the mixer while having th 4 Auxs turned up and my Stereo Return (Where the H3000 out is connected to) at 0.. and i Hear the synth playing. (And master mixer meter indicates aswell) Except… i only hear the synth when the H3000 is bypassed aka when that bottom right light is OFF. When the light is on there is absoteluy now sound that comes on. 

      All of this while the DB meter on the left… (everything is at 0db…)….. no response / green light ever appears…. no signal is ever seen… ever. (Bypassed / not bypassed)

      The screen seems to be ok, all the buttons work, i can navigate through the presets…. i have 100 to about 110 then it skips to 200 and then goes till about 260…thats all i have.

      After toying with it abit more (turning on and off, trying to figure out how the processor works…)  This happened…


      https://streamable.com/gr865    (video in LINK)


      https://streamable.com/lhdtj      (video in LINK)


      I then turned it off, waited about 5 mins… and everything when back to normal.




      Also, i tried ‘resetting the OS.

      I followed the reset instructions as follows..

      Reset procedure:

      1) Hold FUNCTION while turning on power.

      2) Release FUNCTION key.

      3) H3000 displays “Remove all presets?”, press NO (third key from the left).

      4) H3000 displays “Reset the operating system?”, press YES (second key from left).

      5) H3000 loads program 100 “Diatonic Shift” and displays parameters.

      Note: Press keys at each step even if display stays blank. If step 5 responds then you have completed the procedure.


      For some reason, After step 3) my unit went straight to 5). It never asked me to reset the operating sysem. Weird… and i tried many times.

      I then tried to find out what OS i have but pressing the keypad 5 button while turning the unit does nothing.


      Can anyone help me? Has anyone experienced similar issues? Something that im not doing properly..? ‘normal’ issues? Should i return the unit asap?

      Thanks in advance,







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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – this is a thirty year old product, and the last person here who knew anything about them retired some years ago (and moved to Florida).

      If you think the unit is faulty, I would strongly recommend that you speedily return to sender.

      Otherwise, hopefully one of our readers can help.


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      I have basically the same problem. I found an old H3000SE in the back of a studio and I have been trying to get it to work. I managed to get the OS to reset after this the unit let a signal through when it was not bypassed, but it was lower than the bypassed signal. 

      Did you find a solution? Is there any place where a solution might  be found. I live in Taiwan and there are no repair serviced listed for this region on your website.

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