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      I have a H3000SE and a TASCAM DP24—I am trying to use it with the EFFECTS/SEND/RETURN with a y-cable and adapters for the INPUT and regular XLR from the H3000 to the TASCAM channel input. I think this standard for an effects loop/send on a mixer,

      PROBLEM/QUESTION: I am not sure I have the proper INPUT level and OUTPUT level with the cable configuration. I cannot get the signal to route to H3000 and back without serious loop/feedback and or no sound at all. If I route the same cable configuration into a [lower quality] Alesis or Lexicon—no problem getting the signal in the mix.

      Can someone aim me towards a link or someone that I can speak with/email photos of what I got—let me know. THANKS SOTO

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      -it's UNBALANCED leaving the TASCAM–so my suspicions are I need a way to 'balance those 1/4 plugs to XRL/balanced INTO the H3000—correct? Maybe a DI box?

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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry – we can't support H3000's directly on these forums as they are too old, and we have very few people left who understand them.

      All we can really do is service them, assuming we can get the parts. The H3000 was launched over 25 years ago.

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      -got it thanks soto

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