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      Hello :c)

      I've posted a question here before about my H7600. I had some problems with it not starting right, it gave me an error message. Now i've found out that if i pull out the battery and set it back in, it starts fine, but i have to do this every time i start it up, very annoying.
      I now checked the battery, and it gives me 2.7 Volts. Could this be far enough from the 3 Volts it needs to cause any problems?

      If it needs to be changed, could i maybe then replace it with this:
      The one that's in now is a BR 2330, but a BR and CR should work the same way as i know it. I can't find a BR 2330 around here.

      Thanks in advance, Morten :c)

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      Hi Morten,

      I checked your user account and found that your H7600 is almost a year and a half old. Rest assured the lithium batteries used in our devices have a longer life span than this particular one installed in your unit, but unfortunately it would appear that this one needs to be changed. I will need some additional information from you and would like to assist with you acquiring a battery, so I am going to follow up with you off-line. Expect an email from me shortly.

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