H7600-H8000-Orville users/studio’s Netherlands & Belgium ???

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      Hello everyone,

      I'm searching for (semi) proff studio's/freelancers/engineers who are working with an Eventide harmonizer model: H7600/H8000 or an Orville unit.

      People in a proffessional environnement in a real big studio of an smaller studio with a descent class A setup (Lexicon,Eventide,Neve,Manley etc). Also working with a steinberg DAW; nuendo or cubase.

      This all for a couple of serious proff projects.

      Important note: Only interested (for now) for Dutch/Netherlands or Belgium (vlaanderen) or ABC islands people.

      Do U know anyone with above standing facts/features or are U that person, please contact me by: boeklanoei@hotmail.com

      Thanx for your attention & help

      Take care,

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      We can help you out 🙂

      Just contact us, we are from Gent, Belgium.

      Email: danolite@gmail.com

      Skype: danolite

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