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      just posted this over on gearslutz, but figure i should post it here:

      i was getting very little effect out of my Eventide h7600 tonight. cutting in and out, sounding thin.. really strange…

      i then pulled one of the input cables out and the whole thing came to life.

      if both L and R xlr inputs are plugged in on the back the unit basically bypasses, or sometimes shuts down various parts of the programs… but running it with a mono input it functions normally.

      now, i was under the impression, with these eventides in particular, that sending them a stereo input is beneficial. but clearly mine does not like it.

      is this normal? anyone else have this experience with their H7600?


      ps: also, with nothing playing, all inputs turned off to the desk, i'm getting all kinds of noisy signal going through the 7600… it's getting input from somewhere! maybe weird power thing? this is unrelated to the above issue (at least i'd think)… but another issue i'm having.

      pps; i've also always experienced very low input level on the device. i have my sends and returns at MAX on my mixer (a toft atb) and i typically light up one LED on the front of the 7600 with a synth going to it. i tend to have to turn the INPUT TRIM (in the front panel input menu) to +15db to get some decent looking activity on the front panel LEDs.

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    Eventide Staff

    Make sure that all pins of the XLR are connected. If any are "floating", you may get what the User Manual calls "more noise than signal."

    Also, the XLR inputs are designed to have a lot of headroom (they handle up to +25dBm). Some "line level" devices may produce less than 0dBm – these may need a gain boost.

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    thanks, nick..

    how do i know if my xlr pins are "floating" ?

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    Eventide Staff

    By "floating", I mean not connected to either signal or ground – essentially "hanging in the air."

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    well, they were custom made by Redco as Y cables.. with all 3 pins connected… they're not insert cables… but balanced Y cables….


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