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      I am learning how to create new programs with my H7600. After finding the programming manual online, and reading page 64 and beyond, I have a basic understanding of how to route a few modules. However, I am still a little fuzzy on the details on how to use some of the patch editor modules.

      My goal is to create a program that allows me to take a line level/guitar/instrument and pitch track the note(s) played (I assume only monophonic is possible), and synthesize it into square, triangle, saw, waves, with the option of a wet/dry blend. It seems that the pitchdetect, envelope, and multishift are the basic building blocks that I would need, but I’m not sure. I’m not looking for a sequencer/arpeggiator, just solid fat synth.

      Has anyone tried line level instrument synthesis before? Any tips?

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      I hate to come off desperate for a reply, but I am. After hours and hours of doing little more than obvious possibilities such as creating a delay program, I can’t seem to create something truly interesting. Is there a basic tutorial, or book or anything on how to connect modules besides the vsig manual? I’m willing to read anything that might help, a 400 page digital signal processing novel, for example. Not to be dramatic, but my harmonizer is making me feel pretty stupid trying to figure out how to connect modules in a useful manner.

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      Eventide Staff

      Algorithm creation is something of an expert-level task, so we have little basic information. If you haven't already, try the following:

      Programming Manual for Harmonizers


      Omnipressor: Anatomy of a Preset


      Once you have moved on from these, try picking a few factory presets that look useful, and take them apart and see how they work.


      Your synthesizer should be do-able, with PITCHDETECT, OSCILLATOR and MIXER. But, the skill will be in making it playable.



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