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      Hi Guys, I just received my H7600 second hand.

      I have finished going through the entire manual and setting up the unit, midi mapping controllers and triggers, loading presets purchased from italo into user ands named and categorized

      All very straightforward except for ne thing.



      The routings page shows no routings and the manual does not make t easy to understand how i configure routings on ths box.

      I currently have it setup on a setwro AUX 100% wet and everything sounds great but was wondering if someone could educate me on how i get the most out of this page?

      many thanks


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      Eventide Staff

      The 7600 is a fairly simple stereo unit, so it does not have routing as such (unlike the H8000 which has 8 channels and multiple processors).

      Basically you have gain controls for analog in and digital in, and that is about it.


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