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      Hi guys


      I have just tried to update my h7600 to version 5.611 using a 256 Mb Sandisk CF card using update downloaded on my Mac.

      I transferred the contents of the firmware folder to the CF card after formatting it on the 7600, i did this due to the fact the oriinal formatting was not recognised in the 7600

      I used a Sandisk pcmcia to cf adaptor to mount the card in the 7600


      Using to firmware update boot procedure holding down 2 key on boot I get presented with oupdate and start the update process 

      It got stuck saying e4010 bad_erase and says press any key to continue 


      I am leaving the unit on and not pressing anything in fear I may lose my operating system


      any help would be appreciated


      many thanks finbar



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      Eventide Staff

      Sorry you are having problems.

      But, you have reported this to our support@eventide.com as well as here.

      There is no point in looking for multiple replies – please pick one channel and stick with it, for your benefit, and ours.



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