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      It's a shame that the Firewire interface coulnt be used for remote control of the H8k from the computer.  These days and with increasing rig complexity,  using the H8000 as *the* audio interface for a DAW or attached as an aggregate device are slim.   Aggregate mode is flakey on the best of days.

      What would be great if there was an alternate mode,  where Firewire was used for control from the computer instead of using serial or MIDI.  

      Imagine having an app running that communicated to the H8k via firewire that fully emulated an Eve/Net- right on your production machine!! 🙂  –  with the ability to graphically setup routing,  or hold down patch – opening the patch editor in a slick full screen VSIG editor to construct patches in real-time.  The ability to load and dump patches from other users around the world with some sort of user patch manager.  

      The H8k is absolutely awesome,  I'm not arguing this,    but still,  I think in order for outboard equipment this good and $$ to continue being relevant in the DAW age,  it has to be able to communicate with modern computers on some level better than it does now.  Simply, and not in a cumbersome way that feels like a workaround.

      I find it a drag that VSIG is only on the PC side when at least half of music production is on the Mac platform as well.   It should be co-developed on both sides to prevent alienating users from the tools they need to get the most out of the product.   Why would I want to put a virtual machine and windows on my mac daw just to run a single app?  It's not a clean approach.

      Anyway,  there's plenty of gear that does this sort of thing – such as embedded control of RME gear over MADI as well as even the old Nord Modular from eons ago.  Even eurorack synths have a suite of Audiosuite plugins that interface with external hardware for CV control as well as iOS device integration – and that's from 3 guys working in a garage gorilla programming this stuff… and it works well!  

      Please put some more R&D into this sort of thing to maximize the use of your amazing audio tools!  



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