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          i know holophonics is a certain technique but i saw a very interesting post where someone was using this description below for an effect he created .


      The effect created a very interesting 3d effect ( holphonic kind and not hass widening etc.


      I sent  a track to 6 sends (3 left, 3 right). These sends have an automated static flange, phaser, (shelf, notch, peaking, or bandpass) filter on them, and a parametric EQ on the high frequency bandsplits  .These 6 bandsplits are then sent to 6 more splits with delay on them (<30msec). . The 12 total bandsplits are then sent to 2 submasters, mixed with early reflection+reverb, then sent to a master out


      later on interpolated delays are mentioned to replace the flangers and modulating the delays so the sound i guess is shifting in a subtle way continuously ?

      i WAS  wondering if there is a preset or anyone has tried this kind of thing with the H8000 ?  Seems the H8000 was made for this complex yet subtle shifting of bands / pans and delays to create a 3d effect ?

      anyone got any recommendations for their favourite h8000 presets for creating 3d dimensonal quality to sounds ?

      I am looking into developing more seperation and space between tracks in a mix and also psychoacoustics .I see alot of funky widener / srs / hass effects in the h8000 ? any particular good ones people like ?

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