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      I've got my h8000fw running and great it is too.

      It's on a small, open, desk rack, with a mic-pre amp and 828 above it. The h8000 is pretty hot. Do I need to take any precautions like leave a gap. I'd rather not put it at the top as its the thnig that is going to be tweeked the most, and it's long and going to cover the cables entering the MOTU, making swaps difficult.

      I would however like it to live for as long as possible and on average heat isn't good for electronics!

      Any advice?



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      Hi Mike

      we recommend to leave an open empty space on the top of the unit. That'll help dissipating heat.



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      I leave a space above and below (about 1/3rd of 1U)… but I think this isn't enough.  

      My screen seems to have streaks after time that go away when cooled and repowered. 

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      A free space on top and below is perfectly adequate to dissipate heat. That's actually the best scenario as airflow from below rise, takes the heat and continue rising as heat tends to go up.

      The display generates heat itself as there are high voltage parts in its components. It only needs adjusting contrast after a few hours of duty. You can't really do much else. It's perfectly fine.

      all the best


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      I have noticed my H8000Fw gets pretty hot from time to time. I have a 1U gap above and below it. I noticed my Bricasti above it got very hot last night so I turned everything off. I am thinking it might be a good idea to have the H8000FW at the top of the rack instead of the Bricasti.

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      Eventide Staff

      H8000's do run hot, so this might be worth trying.

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      I got the same experiences with the H8000FW and the Orville too.

      Both becomming very hot and i decided to build in a PC power supply fan in the top closure head, driven by a external power supply.

      In the last summer the H8000 becomes so hot, that the OS crashed many times after 4-5 hours of working. Since the fan is in it, it workes on the hottest days.

      I guess its build by americans for american studios with air conditions only 😉

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