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      I try to midi remotecontrole the routing presets on the H8000. I’ve made my own routings that are stored as user presets. I can assign a midi cc using capture. So far no problems. When I press ” done” and push the button that sends the midi cc to cange the routing to the desired userpreset it does not switch. I’ve tried several cc values for on and off (127,0 and 127,127 and toggle mode 127,0) and standard and toggle commands. As I activate the desired userpreset using the selectbutton on the H8000 everthing works as expected. Suggestions?

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      Eventide Staff

      Routing presets are like program presets in that they can only be loaded from MIDI using Program Change Messages,

      See "Loading a Routing Remotely Via MIDI" on p.68 of the UM.


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      Thanks and solved!

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