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      I’ve got an H8000 I haven’t used before.  I did a factory reset, set the routing to analog A->B, hooked up the XLR connectors labeled analog, set the program to “Thru” and… nothing.  Here’s what I’ve debugged so far:

      • The lines I have running to the input do in fact have signal on them – demonstrated by hooking them up to powered speakers.
      • Metering shows nothing when set to input
      • If I run the 440 Oscillator program, I do get 440hz on the analog outputs and I can see it on the meter when I set metering to output
      • All input and output levels are set to 0dB gain
      • A manual look at the routing shows analog 1/2 to DSP A, DSP A to DSP B, and DSP B to analog outputs like you would expect having loaded the Analog A->B routing
      • A very hot input still does nothing

      What am I missing?  Is this a damaged unit?

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      The problem went away when I power cycled.  So no clue what was wrong, but I don’t think it was anything I did.  Hope it keeps working…

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