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      Hi eventide forum,

      i bought an eventide H8000 ex-demo 2 weeks ago (old firmware 4.5).

      Today my h8000 has just broke  🙁

      the problems are:

      1-The analog outputs cant go (the sound dont want to go out from my h8000) – (the imput meter run  -but  the output meter don't run – no signal output)

      2-I cant load a "Ambiclouds 2" USER preset . I cant modify it, but i cant' load it ….after saved it. H800 say me " I CANT LOAD – CAN T EXPLAIN"

      3-My h8000 can t read flash card (card unreadable)

      I' ve 1 year warranty from the music store (where i bought h8000 ex demo)  – I think my music store will send h8000 to eventide u.s.a.

      I Hope it s a resolvable problem

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      Eventide Staff

      There may well be nothing wrong with the H8000. It is running a very old version of the software and should be upgraded when you find a working card.


      1-The analog outputs cant go

      This is probably a routing or connections issue. Load "Analog A-B" factory routing, and "Thru" preset in both A and B machines. This should then light the meters. If you don't get audio, check your cabling – for the XLR both pins 2 and 3 must be connected.


      2-I cant load a "Ambiclouds 2" USER preset

      If this is a USER preset, who knows what it might be. I suggest you delete it.


      3-My h8000 can t read flash card (card unreadable)

      This is probably a bad card or adaptor – try different ones.

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