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      I was toying with the 2290 preset thru my h8000 routed in stereo and noticed something peculiar…

      in its stock preset setting the repeats seem significantly louder on the right hand side – the left speaker seems to have a much less pronounced initial repeat and the subsequent repeats seem significantly more diffused/smeared than thru the right hand speaker.

      i had turned off all the mod, ducking, panning parameters in their respective tabs but still sounded as above.

      i happened to have an Axe and hooked that up and went thru its 2290 preset (in case it was something in the original 2290 that I never noticed) – but the sound was equal on both sides as you would expect.

      anyone have any idea what might be going on?

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      Eventide Staff

      Hopefully someone else will reply, but in case they don't, I'll check it out when Eventide re-opens.


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      nickrose wrote:

      Hopefully someone else will reply, but in case they don’t, I’ll check it out when Eventide re-opens.



      thanks nick – turns out it was user error. I thought I had screwed around with all the parameters on the Pan tab but it turns out I guess I did not play with the Depth.  It was defaulted to 50% and when I increased it to 100% it seemed to get a lot more repeat volume on the left side, now.

      I am still curious, if you happen to know – though the pans are much more balanced left and right, there seems to still be a bit of a bias toward the right (i.e. more repeats and slightly more volume to them on the right).  Just wondering if that is to be expected out of this preset.

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