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      (I realize the H8000 is now a legacy product, but post anyway in case someone has any insight.)

      1) When I execute “dump setup” multiple consecutive times in a row, the data is never identical.  I always get 2064 bytes, but a handful of bytes always change every time the command is run.  4-5 bytes right after the sysex header always change — maybe a checksum of some sort?  And a second group of maybe 7 bytes starting around 320 bytes into the dump also fluctuate (sometimes with value ox0F, sometimes not).  Is this common or expected?

      2) When I restore a saved setup, I always get an “internal RAM bad checksum” message after doing a cold boot (but not after the automatic soft reboot that happens after the setup has been received).  Using the service page to “fix internal” addresses the problem until I do another restore.  Is this common or expected?

      This is an H8000A running 5.6.

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      Eventide Staff

      Hi Sean – as you observe, the H8000 family are now discontinued, but we will do our best to support them.

      1) The “dump setup” command essentially dumps the whole of the Non-Volatile RAM, which contains system and preset variables. As some of its contents change with time, it is not surprising that you notice small differences between dumps. As long as the dump can be reloaded, these are not a problem, or surprising. What they are, who knows.

      2) This is probably a 25 year old bug, unreported until now. The RAM checksum is stored in the RAM, so when the RAM is reloaded it is corrupted. It should be restored after the reload, but alas is not. You only get the message at power-up, because this is normally the only time it is checked.


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      Thanks Nick.  I’ve had this device for 17 years now, but had never used the restore functionality until recently when going between two different systems.  Easier to backup and restore the two sets of settings than trying to remember what changes are necessary for the two systems.

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