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      Dear Eventide,

      Last night I had my first ever problem trying to get my H8000  to startup !  I bought my H8000  1n 2004  here in Germany.  My version is 5.5   having installed it when it came out . Well,  i hadnt used it for about 2 months while waiting for my new poweramp  (mesa roadking2   lineout  eventide h8000   mesa boogie 290  poweramp)   and I got the following startup message  "main memory unprogrammed"    push select………..then i waited 8 hours  as it went through the tests……i finally turned it off  and on  a couple times and still  it wanted to go through  the tests. Thinking maybe  it might be the battery although  i knew  that the battery only supplies  my  stored  presets  ,  i  opened the unit up   changed the battery   and  applied pressure to the u106  processor   and  anything else.   Well,    for some reason  after that it did  start up normally.

      Question,  I am affraid  that this might happen again………could you please tell me  what is going on  and how to fix this ????

      Thanks eventide

      happy h8000 owner 


      Munich  Germany

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      Eventide Staff

      It does sound as though your problem may be the U106 socket. On current production we solder the chip directly to the board to avoid the risk of these problems.

      If you are worried, you may want to consider finding an experienced technician to do this for you. Our local distributor, Sound Service in Dusseldorf, would be worth a call.

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