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      Eventide Staff

      Eventide is happy to announce the release of V5.6B2 software for the H8000 family. This fixes some problems in V5.6B1 and has much improved FireWire drivers, especially for Windows.

      Please read the Release Notes carefully before even considering installing this software. Mac users should in particular study the following section:

      Note that in this version, the associated Mac OSX drivers no longer support OS X
      before 10.6. In particular, this means that they do not work with OSX10.4 (Tiger) or
      10.5 (Leopard) or any Power-PC based system. If you want to use one of these older
      systems, you should not install the drivers from this update.

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      Hello Nick,

      i tried the beta 5.6b2 and it works very well in my cases. The wordclock lock boot issue is gone and midi seems to be a bit faster. But one custom preset takes now both engines instead of one in 5.6b1.. . I dont know if its an issue, doesnt matter. Good work!!!

      But like in all beta i found one issue in the midi remote section.

      I take i.e. echospace of god and set assign 1 midi remote to "decay". Save it and reload it again. After them go to remote settings of "decay" and set it to assign 2. Press done.

      Now move the correspondent midi fader for assign 2 and you will see that it does not work. But the midi fader for assign 1 still works.



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      Now i noticed the midi remote bug is only to see, if you have assign 1 just assigned to an other effect preset in the other processor B.

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      Haven't tried 5.6B2 hard yet but so far its looking good!

      All FW channels working now. CheckBig Smile

      Now if we could save Time- and Modfactor presets in a better way.  Be able to edit complete sets of subpresets with naming etc, that would be great. I wouldn't cry if we could have the Pitchfactor and Space presets as well. Well, Space might be more or less redundant but there is something to the HarPeggiator and some other PF presets that I haven't completely managed to program quite as well on the H8000FW.

      Thanks Eventide for the update! 

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