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      Just need some advice my audio card does not support Firewire so I'm using ADAT it does support AES/EBU should  I go this route? or just get a card with FireWire, My mixer supports Firewire and ADAT but not AES/EBU 


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      Probably depends on how many channels and what sample rates you need. ADAT and AES are fine, but the first is best at 48K, the latter will need many cables. A FireWire card is cheap, and will pass 16 channels both ways at 96K on a single cable.

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      Suggestion on a Firewire Card?  I use sonarx3p  I was just looking to go to a Rme Multiface II  or is this just over killing it pretty much what I have now just with FireWire… 24/48k I use most of the time mixer is 16 channles but in sonar I go to 60 something channels some times..  Cables is one thing I have tons of and a few snakes.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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